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"I guide you in the development and promotion of space data-based tools and in their use in decision-making for a better land management" 


Anticipate the new socio-economic and environmental challenges

Contemporary issues (i.e., climate change, air, water, and soil quality issues, biodiversity erosion) require the modification of the current land planning while taking into account socio-economic and environmental dimensions. The latter demands rethinking the planning of urban and rural areas, adapting economic sectors, and better protecting our environment for future generations. The transition to more sustainable land management is necessary. It can only be effective if the planning is adapted to the global and local challenges and leads to better resilience and adaptation of the population and the ecosystems. 

Space innovation to study, monitory and adapt to global changes

Earth-observation satellite data allow almost real-time monitoring of natural and anthropogenic phenomena in different times and locations on our planet. They thus make it possible to complete and densify the existing field data sets. Moreover, physical and chemical properties (i.e., temperature, soil moisture, water turbidity, water depth, vegetation index) of terrestrial and marine environments can be extracted using modelling and processing tools. Space data make them powerful tools for decision-making for alerting and monitoring phenomena and supporting the transformation of lands management.


In March 2019, Cyclone Idai (left image) hit Mozambique, causing significant flooding (in red on the right image). These images taken by the Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellite are innovative data that notably provide precise geographic information of the impacted areas crucial to evaluate the damages on essential infrastructures facilitating local authority responses.

I guide you in your projects 


You are a space community stakeholder... 

who develops future space missions and/or uses satellite-based data and wants to develop tools/services as close as possible to the needs of end-users and expand your business 


You are a local stakeholder... 

public institution, local authority, company, or NGO who wants to use satellite data in decision-making to facilitate the assessment, monitoring, and land management  (water, forest, soil, air, ecosystems, biodiversity) and global changes (pollution, scarcity, climate change)

I inform you


Satellite data as decision-making tools for integrated water resources management (FR)


Satellite SWOT: Towards a better understanding of the water cycle and inland water management (FR)


Satellite Earth observation to fight against climate crisis (FR)

Who am I?


Adviser specialized in environmental strategy based on satellite-based Earth observation

Graduated in environment political sciences, Ph.D. in Earth sciences, and expert in the acquisition, processing, and analysis of satellite data, I share my expertise with stakeholders who need a better consideration of climate and environmental issues in land management thanks to satellite-based Earth observation data. 

I worked in climate and environmental research and policy, where I acquired solid experience in science, policy, and communication about sustainable development, the environment, and climate change. 

Today, I am working alongside you for a fairer and sustainable world.

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