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To guide you in your project 

You are a space community stakeholder... 

who develops future space missions and/or uses satellite-based data and wants to develop tools/services as close as possible to the needs of end-users and expand your business 


You are a local stakeholder...

public institution, local authority, company or NGO who wants to use satellite data in decision-making to facilitate the assessment, monitoring, and land management  (water, forest, soil, air, ecosystems, biodiversity) and global changes (pollution, scarcity, climate change)

 in 6 areas of activities

Carte d'ouragan

Climate change




Natural resources



Tempête tropicale

Risk disasters


2030 Agenda


Advising the use of EO data 

Definition of user needs through the collection of needs and requirements, their analysis, and their transformation into technical specificities

Definition of development and commercial strategies

Promoting the use of EO data through co-organizing events, writing content, and speaking  

Project coordination and management (project organization and follow-up, animation of multi-stakeholder working groups)

Inventory of existing and future EO services and the connection with suppliers

Market analysis and approach to new markets

My values

1. Sustainable development at the heart of the strategy:

  • Support in the transformation of our society into a fairer, more sustainable, and more environmentally friendly world

  • A commitment to conduct missions following the principles from the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable development goals


2. Innovation for all:

  • The sharing of knowledge and expertise for a better appropriation of new technologies and related tools for day-by-day activity growth

3. High-level of demanding nature for a work that meets the challenges: 

  • Hybrid expertise that crosses scientific, technical, and political skills in the field of sustainable development, the environment, and space 

  • Expertise at the highest level to offer the most suitable strategy

  • A rigorous work with quality deliverables

  • At your service to meet your expectations and needs 

  • An independent and ethical work

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