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Independent advisor in environmental strategy and Earth-observation satellite data  

Doctor in Earth Sciences, I began my career as a researcher in Planetary Sciences within the framework of NASA and ESA space missions, from which I acquired solid skills in satellite data analysis. In 2018, I obtained a Master's degree in environmental policy from Sciences Po Paris with the ambition of combining science, technology, and policy in the field of the environment. I applied this triple expertise within the French Water Partnership. In charge of "water & climate" issues, I notably participated into advocating at the international level for water to be a priority in sustainable development policies. Today, I use this experience to support stakeholders who wish to integrate satellite data into the management of natural resources and global change such as climate change. I also advise players in the space sector who are developing space missions and/or exploiting satellite data and who wish to develop decision support tools as close as possible to the end-user needs. 

Media : 
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Human being, ephemeral tenant of a singular planet? (FR)

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Want Earth to stay THE "blue planet"? preserve water!


What is the weather on Mars? At Confluences Museum in Lyon (FR)


List of scientific peer-review articles

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