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Benefit the outcomes from Earth-observation satellite data

Satellite systems are increasingly efficient and generate a large volume of Earth-observation data useful for land and natural resources management and a better understanding of the 21st-century global challenges such as climate change and sustainable development. 


However, the added value of these data lies in their analysis to meet the needs of end-users, whether they are researchers, entrepreneurs, local authorities, or citizens. It, therefore, requires identifying the end-users needs to create or adapt satellite-based data tools to be close as possible to their requirements. 

I guide in:

  • Familiarization with the contribution of satellite imagery to your activities 

  • Identification of space solutions adapted to your needs 

  • Co-organization/co-facilitation of working groups 

  • Support for setting-up projects & funding sources requests

  • Search for partners & funding

  • Mapping of space service offers and suppliers

  • Prospecting support

  • Business meeting organization (contact, preparation, follow-up) 

  • Definition of specifications of your needs, iterations, and advice

  • Training sessions to your employees about the use of space data tools 

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