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Imagine, develop, and launch your project

I will guide you in the construction and implementation of your projects. 

With you, my role is to guarantee the adequacy between your solutions and the needs of potential customers and end-users. For this, my work is to ensure the proper definition of the project and to guide you with market development and promotion advisory.

This work is based on triple expertise - scientific, technical, and political - recognized in the space area and the environmental sciences and politics.

I will guide you from the definition of your project to its commercialization:

  • Market opportunity 

  • Identification of end-user needs based on interviews

  • Support in the definition of products and services

  • Co-drafting of specifications (technical and commercial) for new products

  • Support for setting-up projects & funding sources requests

  • Search for partners & funding
  • Test on the offer
  • Market opportunity (market definition, demand, and supply)

  • Prospecting support

  • Business meeting organization (contact, preparation, follow-up) 

  • Preparation for participation in an event/fair (action and contact plan)

  • Events co-organization/co-facilitator 

  • Training campaign on tools based on Earth observation by satellites and their applications in the field of the environment

  • Keynotes & public speaking

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