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Services offered in the development and promotion of your space data-based services for sustainable development

This offer is intended for stakeholders who develop future space missions and/or use satellite-based data and want to create tools/services as close as possible to the needs of end-users and expand their business. 

So that Earth satellite-based data services best contribute to the transformation of our society

Satellite systems are increasingly efficient and generate a large volume of Earth-observation data useful for land and natural resources management and a better understanding of the 21st-century global challenges such as climate change and sustainable development. 


However, the added value of these data lies in their analysis to meet the needs of end-users, whether they are researchers, entrepreneurs, local authorities, or citizens. It, therefore, requires identifying the end-users needs to create or adapt satellite-based data tools to be close as possible to their requirements. 

My mission : Support you in your future projects 

My mission is to support you in your projects based on spaceborne multi-sensor data to guarantee the acceptance and rapid integration of the service by end-users who are most often stakeholders with varied backgrounds. It is thus to ensure the proper definition of the project, taking into account the socio-economic and environmental issues as well as the needs of decision-makers, scientists, technicians, and local operators, and to connect you with them. 


My work is based on triple expertise - scientific, technical, and political - recognized in environmental sciences and policy. 

Personalized offers according to your needs


  • Support in the definition of new projects

    • Mapping of potential clients​

    • Identification of their needs

    • Connection with key stakeholders

    • Assistance in finding fundings and partners

  • Support in the commercial deployment in France and at the international level of your operational services

    • Mapping of potential clients​

    • Identification of their needs

    • Connection with key stakeholders

    • Assistance in business meetings


  • Support in the set-up of the project  (national and international calls for proposals)

  • Support in the implementation of the project


  • Working groups 

  • Events (workshops, conferences, etc.)

Methodology : I intervene at each stage of your project. I help you to:


the needs of the potential end-users taking into account socio-economic and environmental challenges


the use of spaceborne data by the end-users


the potential stakeholders, end-users/clients from a targeted public or private sector


the scientific, technical, and political visions of the different stakeholders to adapt the space data-based tools to their needs


awareness about the contribution of the satellite-based Earth observations to decision-making in the field of sustainable development, the environment, and climate


in the proposal of responses to the needs of end-users and the implementation of projects

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